Our vermouth


The aim was to achieve a high quality vermouth and wine to remember much. For this reason we chose a wine from Garnacha high level and produced in Alella; He aditional his voluminous and round palate and its direct and pleasant fruit. We chose the best Mediterranean herbs, avoiding the sweetest spices and strengthening those that provide greater freshness. The macerated directly rather alcoholic phase. Finally, sweeten with wine, tried to minimize the sweet feeling for, thus respecting the complexity and taste great base wine used.



The Mediterranean and the coast was for centuries, rather than pirates approaches… Legend revives in this vermouth Barbarosso, a pirate of the gourmets who stepped on the landscape of the coast of Barcelona. He was not a bad pirate, or with wooden leg… He was what he liked to fill his chest richest treasures, good herbs, citrus and spice inspire today this wise prescription. The best of Barcelona and knowledge and good knowledge of their followers born this vermouth, tasty and natural, without added alcohol and sweet spices.


Tasting notes:

Ruby red color with purple hues, brilliant appearance. Vinous yet delicate nose with aromas presence of Mediterranean forest (thyme, rosemary, fennel), wormwood and fruity notes (orange and lemon). Alcohol nose is smooth, with no points. The palate shows an impeccable balance, round and volume. Reappear Mediterranean herbs, citrus and remember the bitter end that give the sagebrush. Good balance between acidity and sweet, very well integrated with the astringency and bitterness. Largo, balanced, vinous and elegant. For its minimum sweetness, its vinous flavor and great integration spirit, taste new and different shows.

Tasting notes “Pirata”:

Dark red, intense, scented, herbs, citrus, red fruit. Tasty, mild bitterness, final sweetness. Terrace, olives, anchovies, potatoes…, fun. To enjoy with family and friends. Make thug but a product of the highest level!


Vermouth type:

Grenache harvested in Alella.

Other Ingredients:
Grapefruit, orange, fennel, hyssop, quinine, lemon balm, marjoram, thyme, rosemary, wormwood, elderflower, angelica, cardamom, coriander, saffron, ginger and more.

15 % vol.